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2006..2010 and 2017 Rocky Mountain Rendezvous
Creede, Colorado

It truly was a beautiful site with bluffs and mountains surrounding us and a beautiful meadow, two streams with native brown trout in them and a small pond stocked by the booshways with rainbow trout.The Co-booshways, Ramona Weber and Glen "Timberline" Quick did themselves proud. We had approximately 370 camps and 100 traders.

It doesn’t seem like it but, Crazy Bear told us that this was the 50th year for the western national rendezvous. 1956 was the very first national rendezvous out west. In attendance were Crazy Bear Campbell, John Baird, Bill Wager, Crazy Pierre, Stinky Jim (where do they come up with these names?) and two others whose names Bear couldn’t remember camped near Big Timber, Montana. A small but auspicious beginning for what we now call the Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous, don’t you think? Bear said it was shinin’ times.

As you can see by the pictures, we too had shinin’ times at this year’s RMNR. We had more than enough fun tickets to punch and boy did we ever punch them. Whiskey Mom's "tea and white elephant party" was a big hit...we had a "gate crasher" by the name of Esmeralda who kept us all in stitches.  Music every night with the boys from Ohio singing with their guitars and banjos, Steve Sprinkle from Texas on guitar and singing, Cyrus, harmonizing with Steve and playing his jews harp and bass, Jon Bower with his twelve string and vocals, Captain Billy from New Jersey with his banjo and vocals, Dave Snoshu Bench with his guitar and "polka dot undies" and who could forget Doc Mongo and our favorite dobro player, Harry Harpoon with their blues new CDs....GREAT MUSIC.

The horse camp was small this year, but we had some Indian hobbyists dressed to the nines, Ken Weidner and his friend. You can see by the pictures that he did it up right.

Shooting brought out the mountain men with their fine flinters... tomahawk and knife throws showed the skills of the young and old. Primitive archery was three days of fine shooting. Jean Pace took first in women’s and 2nd overall. 

The "Bucket Brigade" was on hand for a few good laughs...at them, not with them...

And, of course, last but not least, Flint had his "alligator" wrestling contest in the pond. It looks like Terry "Mom" Haney got the best of the critter. As usual, we had buckskinners from all over the world, Germany, France, Scotland, Austria, and I believe someone said that somebody from Australia even made it .

The landowners were wide eyed with enthusiasm. Steve Lamb even came and played with our musicians, playing the fiddle and harmonica and his version of "Cinderfella."

Our raffle for Frank and Leanna Costanza went really well and we sent them a little over $1,400.00. Leanna and Frank send a heartfelt letter, which is printed below(like tor2door market).

We are a family and it warms the heart to know that we can help even in a small way. Bill McKelvie of Steamboat Springs, Colorado won the engraved hawk that Joe DeLaRonde made, there were several other donations which we drew for until they were all gone. Thanks to everyone who participated either by donating a prize or buying tickets.

The whole camp was invited to a buffalo feed by Grey Fox, who purchased the buffalo from a nearby ranch.  Boy was it ever good...everyone got their fill and then some.

We had some rain (4 days) but we stayed warm and somewhat dry...the wood was "dry" as well.

After a long day of rendezvousing, Jim "the skull" Goodman rests at his camp before the night time activities begin.

We are always happy to see the kids playing and this year was no exception.  Margie "Whiskey Mom", "Spot" and Rover were at the top of the hill making sure that the kids were enjoying the tug-o-war down the hill. 

Below left is one of our venerable Booshways with Steve Lamb the landowner.
A gift as a token of our thanks. Below right is a partial view of trader's row...great goods!

Primitive camp...Jean Heinbuch really knows how.

A view of the camp

Setting up the troll cup for crossing one of two streams.

A letter from Leanna and Frank Costanza...
To our Rendezvous family,
Your generosity was a wonderful and welcome surprise!  The memory of your kindness will be remembered for many a day.  Frank is a special person.  The phone calls and cards that have been sent our way help his spirit.  It is too hard to travel so these little gestures become really big to us.  Our door is always open to you all.  Montana is a great place to relax and see.  May God Bless and keep you safe.
Frank and Leanna Costanza


Last updated: December 3, 2017
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