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2023 Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous

July 7 – 14, 2023
Early Set-Up July 5 – 6, 2023

Colorado is hosting the 2023 RMNR

Located on the Masden Ranch between Gunnison and Montrose, Colorado, this was the site of the RMNR in 2014 and 2016

Events are being planned with prizes for competitions, raffle items and seminars. Many volunteers are needed to help make this a great rendezvous. If you can help us, pleased contact us or sign up at the gate.

Joe "Dirty Shirt" Kierst, 575-425-5433, westmesatinker@gmail.com
Derik Stevens, 720-550-9234, savagestevens13@hotmail.com

Check Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous Facebook page for latest updates

Elevation 9300 feet,

38.304041, -107.378687 –– 38°18'15.0"N 107°22'44.0"W


If you have any questions about what is pre-1840, speak up and ask.

This is a primative rendezvous and the site is good distance from towns so planning is important to bring along all the supplies that you will need for a week in the mountains.

There may or may not be food vendors. The nearby Arrowhead Mountain Lodge has a small general store with a variety of items along with a restaurant and a package liquor store.


Seminars & Workshops • Raffles • Plentiful Firewood • Water on Site
Ice Wagon • Wagon available to haul camps
Kids Games • Highland Games • Horse Camp • Cannon Shoot
Trail Walks for: Rifle • Pistol • Smoothbore • Knife & Tomahawk
Primitive Archery • Pilgrim Archery • Primitive Mountain-Man Run

Pre-Registration Deadline: June 7, 2023 Pre-Registration Form

Purser: Lee Briscoe, 210 S. 5th Street, Raton, NM 87740, leebriscoe@msn.com


EARLY SET-UP July 5-6, 8 AM–6 PM. ($5 PER-PERSON PER-DAY ages 15 and older).
Friday and Saturday, July 7-8, 8 AM–6 PM; Sunday, July 9, 8 AM–5 PM
SHORT-TERM CAMP has a two hour unloading/loading time period from July 10th–14th, 8-10 AM, 4-6 PM. Please have camp packed and ready to load when departing. LONG-TERM CAMP CLOSES TO VEHICLES AT N00N ON SUNDAY, JULY 9th THRU SATURDAY, JULY 15th at 6 AM.


2023 Co-Booshways:

Derik Stevens, 720-550-9234, savagestevens13@hotmail.com

Joe "Dirty Shirt" Kierst, 575-425-5433, westmesatinker@gmail.com



Chief Dog Soldier: James "Bear" McDonald





Chief Medic: Janet Ballantyne




Debi Oweger photo

Rangemaster: Mike Messmer



Fire Chief: Derik Stevens


Horse Camp Chief: Kieth Waibel

970-730-1947, ybullz123@gmail.com



Gate Chief: Pam Waibel



Trade Chief: Kurt Ballantyne


Purser: Lee & Heidi Briscoe, 210 S. 5th St., Raton, NM 87740 leebriscoe@msn.com 575-445-0169


Hawk & Knife Range: To be named

Archery: To be named

Seminar Chief: to be named





FIREWOOD - The rendezvous work crew will be hauling in as much firewood as possible before July 8th.  You are welcome to bring your own chainsaw to cut firewood (only dead trees in camp) during early set up days.

WATER - Potable water will be available.

ICE - Service is being arranged.

WAGON - Wagon services & Ice delivery are being arranged.

TRASH - Trash dumpster will be provided at the gate.

PORTA-POTTIES - Provided throught camp, July 7 - 16, will be removed Sunday July 16. 

    The nature of a primitive rendezvous limits handicap accessibility. We are trying to accommodate handicapped participant needs to the best of our ability and still keep the period correctness of rendezvous.  No motorized mobility devices allowed in camp.

    TIN TIPI- in parking lot area

    Pending at this time, John "Stoner" Henderson's LEASE-A-LODGE may have lodge available for rent by reservation. Please contact him at 402-506-1675

    The Arrowhead Mountain Lodge, Restaurant and Bar is located a few miles away. They have a small general store with a variety of items and a package liquor store. Reservations for rooms required. www.arrowheadmtlodge.com


    We would like to see all that own horses, bring them to rendezvous (no stallions please).
    HAY will NOT be provided. BYOH – Bring-your-own-hay. No grazing animals (possible picketing area will be available. Hope the grass is there due to the drought).
    Just like all camps and clothing, non-period gear must be covered.
    If you are away from your horses, you must put someone in charge of your animals.
    Horse/mule owners are legally liable for their animals and should have liability insurance coverage. Coggins test required.

    Please contact Horse Camp Chief Kieth Waibel for any questions reguarding feed and other issues. He needs to get a count on numbers of horses and mules that you will be bringing. 970-730-1947, ybullz123@gmail.com


    There are many great craftspeople and scholars who would love to share their knowledge with you.  If you are one of them, please contact the Booshways. All seminar times to be announced. See seminar schedule in your registration packets when you arrive at the event.


    Call to arms.  War Eagles, veterans, and active duty personnel will be Honor Guard for opening ceremonies July 8th at 8 p.m. 

    War Eagles, Veterans and active duty personnel are invited to attend the War Eagles meeting on July 13th at 10 a.m.  Location will be announced later. To learn about the War Eagles go to: www.war-eagles-vet.com



    If you are interested in donating a raffle item, please contact Booshway.

    This Curly Gostomski trade gun and Hudson's Bay Company Blanket will be given away at the RMNR the summer.

    Raffle for 2023 is pending.



A one time $10 Fee for Competitions includes: Archery, Hawk & Knife, Rifle, Pistol, and Smoothbore. (Participants under age 12 free) Fees go to cash prizes.

SPECIALTY SHOOTS - These will have a separate buy-in with winners receiving cash

Winners of daily events will be awarded cash prizes at the Shooter’s Tent.
Divisions – Men, Women, Junior
Juniors Division, ages 12-17 years old, must be supervised by an adult in Rifle/Pistol/Smoothbore.
An adult guardian must accompany Pee Wees, 8 – 11 yrs old.
Shooter's Tent hours MONDAY–THURS 8 AM to 1 PM,   FRIDAY 9 – noon,  but subject to change. We need a volunteer to run the Shooter's tent.

We especially need volunteers on the ranges and in the shooter's tent.  Please sign up at the shooter's tent.



Schedule to be announced.
Rifle/Pistol  -  Open iron sights only, no peeps, no optics. Patched round ball only.  No in-line guns. There will be dummy targets.  All scores are final. Any cheating will result in losing total score.

Mike "Woodman" Briscoe will be doing a SPECIALTY SHOOT for two days (most likely Wednesday and Thursday). He is calling it "The Battle at Pierre's Hole." It will have four-man teams. The scenario is you have just left out of the 1832 Pierre's Hole Rendezvous (in now Idaho), just to the west of Les Trois Tetons. At your first night's camp the Blackfeet have stolen your horses. What do you do?

There will be a five dollar per person (20.00 per team) entry fee. Winners will take home the pot. There will be a scoring system to determine winners.



Friday time TBA



Schedule to be announced.
Course includes both hawk and knife for combined score.
We have a great challenging hawk/knife trail walk planned.
No double bladed hawks.  Knives must be thrown from handle.



Schedule to be announced.
We will using burlap targets this year, so handmade flat metal points are allowed. 
Finger tabs and arm guards must not have plastic, rubber, elastic, snaps or Velcro. Painted arrows are encouraged for locating purposes.

Primitive Division
Bow must be of natural wood, no laminations, less than 54” long.  No arrow shelf.  Strings should be of linen, hemp, silk, horsehair, rawhide, or sinew (artificial sinew will be allowed for safety reasons).
Arrows must be hand-made (no dowels, milled or machined shafts), and be of natural wood or cane with hand carved nocks, and natural feathers.  Points can be of wood, bone, flat metal or stone.

Pilgrim Division
Bow must be of natural wood with no laminations.  Artificial strings are allowed but no bright colors. Arrows must be wood and may be a factory dowel but no plastic nocks or feathers. Metal field points okay but not modern broad heads.



    • There will be a Caber Toss, Stone Put, Spear Throw, and Highland Run.  All welcome to compete.


      KID’S GAMES 

      Kids' Games will be going on all week from Monday through Friday.  Check the Buffalo Bulletin board in camp to see times and location.


      All are pending, check back for events.


      2023 CAMP INSTRUCTIONS    


      Remember to police your camp and area for garbage. If you see any candy wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. please pick them up and put in a garbage receptacle.
      Fires must be attended, not banked and left to burn-out. Sleeping in your lodge is not attending a fire. Dog soldiers have authority to enter your camp, wake you, and put your fires out. Do not leave candles or lanterns unattended inside/outside lodge or tent.

      Be prepared for possible fire restrictions and the impact to your cooking needs (propane or butane stoves).

      Dogs MUST be under control at all times and on leases/tethers.  If your dog is a problem, you will be asked to leave.  Please pick up your dog’s waste or carry shovel with you and bury it.  Keep dogs quiet.

      Plastic water containers and coolers are to be covered at all times, even during transport to refill. This also applies to the transporting of ice through camp.  We can all do better on our kits. Let's look in the mirror, go through our kits and try to put our gear closer to what would truly have been in the Rockies or the 1830s.


     Your fire must be attended or if away from camp, must be OUT. No exceptions!!! Camp fires must be contained. Bucket of water and shovel must be next to all camp fires.

    FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Please stack your unused firewood.


    Please contact local Health Department for permits. DO NOT serve on paper/styrofoam plates, cups or bowls. No plastic utensils, pre-wrapped, bottled or canned food or drinks. Customers should bring their own plates, cups and utensils to your eatery if you do not supply them.  Food vendors must supply trash receptacles.



    The Booshway or the appointed Trade Chief and Committee have final authority over all disputes involving trade goods. The burden of proof is on the trader. Trade Committee decisions are final.

    May your trade goods reflect the Spirit of Rendezvous


    Moccasin Basin, Wyoming, 1987 - Joe Delaronde & Brent Boren

    Masden Ranch, Colorado, 2014 - Mike Briscoe & David Ritchie

    Grey Rocks, Wyoming, 2009 - Eric Distad & Barry Maxfield

    Photography by "Camera" Bob Woodall

    • Emergency contact: Gunnison County Sheriff (970) 641-1113

      Check Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous Facebook page for latest updates.

      Web Master, Maps, Photography, Advertising: "Camera" Bob Woodall rmnrwebcamerabob@gmail.com


Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous is not connected with the NMLRA in anyway.



Last updated: April 23, 2023
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