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2021 Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous

The 2021 Booshways, Jackie Kuhlman and Mike Tomell, are happy that they were able to secure the 1838 site just outside Riverton, Wyoming for 2021 RMNR after fire danger and restrictions in Montana forced the RMRN to cancel the Musselshell location. The Board of Directors of the RMNR and the BOD of the 1838 RENDEZVOUS association agreed to the new site.

REFUNDS: Since the RMNR 2021 rendezvous was moved to new location, the RMNR 2021 pre-registration Rendezvous money can be refunded if you did not want to attend. If anyone wants a medallion(s), we will take the $10 per medallion out and send the medallion(s) with the refund. Please let Marlis DeLaRonde know if you want the medallion(s) by emailing her at RMNRPurser2021@msn.com. Email is case sensitive so be sure to capitalize the P in Purser so the email comes to Marlis DeLaRonde.


A Message from CoBooshway
Jackie Kuhlman

I want to say that 2021 Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous was a success. Given the circumstances, we tried our best to stay as primitive as possible, but we had to bend to make it all work. Folks had a good time and they could escape the heat in the Wind River or the ponds.  Tin tipi was lakeside and town was conveniently about 1 mile away. It was the 1st RMNR on a documented original rendezvous site.

About two weeks before rendezvous, I had a dream that fire would keep us from going to the Musselshell. I expressed this to Harry Harpoon, who put me on the phone with CJ Vandermeulen. He offered to ask the 1838 Rendezvous Association that if there should we have fire in Musselshell area, would it be possible to move the rendezvous to the 1838 site in Riverton, Wyoming.  While I said let’s wait and see, CJ and Magpie asked around, and opened the mindset of the 1838’ers.  Their encouragement and assurances to the 1838 club paved the way to Riverton for RMNR 2021.  A big thanks to CJ, Magpie, and Harry.  And thanks to the 1838 Rendezvous Association for allowing us to use the site.

185 camps hauled themselves to the new site, Riverton, WY. We had 134 pre-registered camps (which would have made 228 camps) but there were 43 no-shows. But those 185 camps made one heck of a rendezvous.  For those who could not make it and are wanting a refund, they need to contact our purser, Marlis Delaronde.  Contact her through email, RMNRPurser2021@msn.com

We had great music and the entertainment was plentiful.  Blues, bluegrass, folk, bag pipes, Scottish and Irish, sea chanties and colonial era music was to be found. Woodman led a Tall Tales contest to all’s enjoyment, which resulted in a tie from what I heard.  The 1838 Rendezvous Association ran a bar at a fort-like building called the Roost.  It had plenty of seating, oil lamp lighting and ample room for musicians and fun.

Margie Musick, our Social Director,  graciously hosted events to the delight of spectators and participants. Adult games (Mountain Olympics), Old Farts’ Games, and Full-Contact Mountain Golf are just a few to mention.  Mike Tomell shot his mortar filled with bottles of adult beverages. Terry Haney hosted three Farkle Tournaments.  There was a ladies’ and mens’ social, by invite.  Our one and only “Rabi” made tasty adult snow cones free to the whole camp.  My favorite was the Tippy Cow Orange Cream.

There were good competitions. We lost a few key personnel with the move.  Our Range Chief, Christopher Haxton, was unable to make it due to a broken foot.  Ben Sitter and I did manage to find enough room to squeeze in trail walks.  There was Knife and Hawk by Dustin Moore and Tom Bobek; Archery (primitive and pilgrim) by Becka Sue Watrous, (Pokie Okie stuffed the targets – thanks); an Archery Distance Shoot, Tomahawk Poker Game by Dustin Moore; Rifle/Pistol/Smoothbore by Kevin Kuhlman, Dave Sample, Varmit, Randy Burns, NY Mike, Lance and many volunteers; Cannon Shoot by Kevin Kuhlman, Ben Sitter, and Bruce Benedict.  It took a village.

Unfortunately, we could not have the fort shoot due to site restrictions and not having the necessary elements required because of the move.  We are hoping that it can be done in 2022.  Next year the Booshways plan to open up more area and want to do the fort shoot. 

Trail walk aggregate winners are Becka Sue Watrous, Rhonda Weaver, Amber Hewitt, Jackie Kuhlman, Alex Schaible, Kaleb Weaver, Bryor Hankinson, Ruebin Kinzer, Tom Bobek, Jason Weaver, Eric Atwood, Kevin Underwood, Brandon Musgrove, and Ernie Christensen.  Congratulations!

The cannon shoot was gratifyingly destructive.  Five cannons made kindling of target logs in the river bed and demonstrated just how far shrapnel and rock can fly.  Our Co-Booshway, Mike “Lone Oak” Tomell, won the engraved silver pitcher, which now resides in Montana.  Wahoo!

Kudos to those who gave their time and expertise to educate us with seminars/workshops/classes, Frank McKinney – Blacksmithing, Joe Delaronde – Primitive Knives Lecture, Bernadette Swendson – Folded Silk Ribbonwork Workshop, Jean Pace - Quillwork Lecture/Demonstration/Workshop, Bruce Benedict – Building Historical Firearms, Blue Bird – Pine Needle Basket Making Workshop, Kathy Elijah – History of Fabric 1800-1840, and Basic Bow Strings by Jackie Kuhlman.

Sena, Smiley, Penny, just to mention a few, taught kids to make hairpipe chokers from donated kits.  Rabi taught fire making with flint and steel/charred cloth.  Each child also received a free fire staring kit.  Ella Wren and the Swendson family ran the kids’ games.  James assisted with the Kids’ Round Robin, which was a big hit with youngsters.  We tried the idea of giving each child a starter bag of goodies to trade but the rule was that they had to trade the items, not keep them.  Many parents were very grateful for the kids games volunteers/organizers and wished me to thank them.  Thank you and great job.

Derik Stevens successfully hosted the Highland Games.  Great Job, Derik!  The mightiest of the highlands was a man calling himself Buffalo Hump. Winning the caber with distance and 12 o’clock high.  Two first time contestants, Logan? and Handlebar won the foot race, the Spear Throw, and the Stone Throw.  Sorry about not catching your names properly. 

• David Schellinger of Riverton won the rifle made by Bob Carpenter.  Lucky duck!
• Janice Dobb won the Cheyenne Dress by Jackie Kuhlman
• Harry and Maud Percival won the Crow Wool Dress by Jackie Kuhlman
• Julie Curry won the Beaded Blanket Strip by Jackie Kuhlman
• Charlie Kuhlman won the Wool Skirt with Folded Silk Ribbon by Bernadette Swendson.  I will be doing some trading to get that.
• Terry Haney won Crow Knife Sheath by Jackie Kuhlman
• Bill Westbrook won the Framed Print of Tipi taken at 2011 RMNR by Bob Woodall
• Shiner won the Camera/Phone Bag by Jackie Kuhlman
• Bernadette Swendson won the mirror by Kevin Kuhlman
Thanks to all the raffle prize donors.  It touches my heart. I wish that I had kept track of all the winners.  If you know, call me, would like to get names of the winners.

Regan Cary’s ticket was drawn to win the Junior Camp Prize which included a wedge tent, camp box, shovel, fire irons, kitchenware, cookware, chair, fire kit, bucket, candle lantern, and much more.  She wished me to thank all the donors.  Thank you.  And you are welcome, Regan.

We had to create a new staff position this year – Cattle Wrangler.  T-Bone and his trusty cow dog “Doc” and many other volunteers performed the tedious RMNR cattle drive, chasing out cows that kept crossing the river into the camp and shooting range.  Give that dog a treat, he didn’t come to rendezvous to work.
The War Eagle meeting had a large turn-out.  Larry Dobb won the door prize, a wool bag with a beaded eagle head.  The War Eagles and men/women who served in the military were honor guard for the opening ceremony.  You made me proud.  To all of you, thank you for your service.

The Savages, led by Derik Stevens, gallantly served as dog soldiers.  You guys/gals ROCK.  Keeping the locals out of harm’s way and cattle off the site was a challenge.

Ice for the rendezvous was a true challenge.  So we had to get creative.  The main ice manufacturer for that region couldn’t keep up with local demand, so wouldn’t help us with ice.  I contracted with the PIT STOP Convenience Stores, (who make their own ice) to sell us up to 200 bags per day.  Kudos to Pit Stop.  We rented a U-Haul car-hauler trailer through TNT Appliance Repair.  We had to drive to Dubois to pick it up.  They also loaned us 4 dead refrigerators to keep the ice frozen while in transport.  Every morning, well before most woke up, Kevin Kuhlman, Dave Sample, Ben Sitter, and Charlie Kuhlman headed into town to do the daily ice roundup from three Pit Stop locations.  At around 8 am, Mike Tomell fired his signal cannon to alert the camp of the ice arrival.  Kathy Owen used her money talents as cashier, thanks Kathy.  Some days were comical.  “The Walking Dead” shuffled across camp, eyes closed, heads down, dragging bags to fill with ice.  Good parties were had at night.

Lucas Roberts kept the water cisterns on trailers filled.  Tyrell “T-Bone” Williams took over on the tail end of that chore. After Lucas got pulled over by Riverton Police, Kevin Kuhlman donated his talents to get the trailers street legal.  Free upgrade for 1838 equipment.
Hooters were plentiful and pumped daily. Lots of toilet paper for all.  Yeah!

This year was challenging for the registration tent volunteers.  A big shout out to all the gate volunteers who sweltered in the heat, choked on dust, updated schedules, and kept cool heads when accosted by the public.  Great Job!  Gate Chief Terry Haney, was my rock, going above and beyond for two years.  She was my adviser, listening post and is a true friend.

Bob Woodall, our embedded rendezvous combat photographer and web master, put his talent to work this year on the RMNR website.  He gave tons of hours to advertising, revamping the 2021 rendezvous portion of website, making maps, forms, & photo-documenting the rendezvous.  RMNR is so lucky to have him.

But most of all, my heartfelt THANK YOU to my Co-booshway Mike Tomell, his wife Debbie (my shooter tent mentor), Segundo Ben Sitter (my all round go to guy), and ALL staff, work crew, and volunteers who pulled together to give long hours and hard work for this rendezvous to happen.  Thanks to Laura and Jacob Bryan for days of delicious meals and care of the work crew.  And thanks to the Sapphire Mountain Men for their support and volunteers.

Kevin, I love you dearest husband, without you 2021 Rendezvous would not have happened.
P.S.  Thanks MOM, you know who you are.

Jackie Kuhlman

2022 RMNR will be at the same location of the 2021 RMNR at the confluence of the Wind and Popo Agie Rivers, it is the
documented location of the original 1838 Rendezvous and will be the site for the 2022 RMNR.
Just outside Riverton, Wyoming, the site is at 5,280 feet on 200 acres of
river-bottom and is covered in cottonwood trees.

RMNR 2022 July 7-15, 2022 Early set up July 5-6

2022 RMNR Co-Booshways:
CJ Vandermeulen, 307-851-8829 – Brian “Magpie” Semich, 307-250-2793
Email: EpicRMNR2022@gmail.com
www.RMNR.org and on FaceBook

Seminars & Workshops • Kids Games • Family Games • Highland Games

Trail Walks for: Rifle • Pistol • Smoothbore • Knife and Tomahawk • Primitive & Pilgrim Archery

Pre-Registration Deadline: June 8, 2022 Pre-Registration Form - click here

Check Rocky Mountain National Rendezvous Facebook page for latest updates.

EARLY SET-UP: July 7- 8 General Camp, $5 PER-PERSON PER-DAY.  Gate hours: 8 AM – 6 PM.
General Camp Gate Hours: Friday and Saturday, July 9-10, 8 AM – 6 PM
Sunday, July 11, 8 AM – 5 PM
SHORT-TERM camps have a two hour loading/unloading time period from July 12th – 16th.


2021 Co-Booshways:

Jackie Kuhlman


Mike "Lone Oak" Tomell,




Segundo & Fire Chief:

Chief Dog Soldier:

Derik Stevens


Chief Medic:

Janet Ballantyne


Purser: Marlis DeLaRonde




Trade Chief:



Shooter Tent Chief

Rifle & Pistol Range:





Seminar Chief:


Hawk & Knife:


Gate Chief:

Kids' Games:

Ella Wren–Running Rabbit


Kelli Kister


Social Director:


Web Master, Maps, Graphics, Advertising:

"Camera" Bob Woodall





FIREWOOD - The rendezvous work crew will be hauling in as much firewood as possible before July 8th.  You are welcome to bring your own chainsaw to cut firewood (only dead trees in camp) during early set up days.

WATER - Potable water will be available at the gate, will be removed from camp Sunday July 18.

WAGON - Due to moving site we were unable to arrange for wagon services & Ice delivery.

TRASH - Trash dumpster will be provided at the gate.

PORTA-POTTIES - Provided throught camp, July 7 - 18, will be removed Sunday July 18. 

    The nature of a primitive rendezvous limits handicap accessibility. We are trying to accommodate handicapped participant needs to the best of our ability and still keep the period correctness of rendezvous.  No motorized mobility devices allowed in camp.

    TIN TIPI- in parking lot

    John "Stoner" Henderson's LEASE-A-LODGE will have lodge available for rent by reservation. Please contact him at 402-506-1675


    We would like to see all that own horses, bring them to rendezvous (no stallions please).
    HAY will NOT be provided. BYOH – Bring-your-own-hay. No grazing animals.
    Just like all camps and clothing, non-period gear must be covered.
    If you are away from your horses, you must put someone in charge of your animals.
    Horse/mule owners are legally liable for their animals and should have liability insurance coverage.
    Coggins test required.


    We have many great craftspeople and scholars who have generously agreed to share their knowledge with you.  Days and times to be announced.

    LES VILDA – KIDS FLINT & STEEL INSTRUCTIONS, charred cloth making and fire building – all materials provided, Kit include Free – Sunday 10AM at seminar tent. Limit 10 youth 9years old and over. Parents must give in person permission.

    JACKIE KUHLMAN – ARTIFICIAL SINEW BOW STRING instruction, bring spool of artificial sinew and make your own – Sunday Noon at seminar tent

    FRANK McKINNEY – BLACKSMITHING classes daily, Monday thru Friday, 9AM and 1PM, $30 sign up at forge


    DIANE McCALLUM – Understanding period PLAINS INDIAN CLOTH DRESSES. Monday 10AM at seminar tent

    JOE DELARONDE – PRIMITIVE KNIVES lecture, Tuesday 1PM (time/day subject to change)

    TOM OAR – TRAPPING demonstration, Wednesday 10AM at Pond


    BERNADETTE SWENSON – FOLDING RIBBONWORK demonstration/workshop. Wednesday 1PM- Demonstration Free. Workshop $10 includes materials. Seminar fly.

    MARGIE MUSICK, HOST– RENDEZVOUS CLOTHING SHOW AND TELL – Wednesday 3PM at seminar tent. Come see how those clothes are made, bring your finery, share your knowledge, and answer questions on construction.

    JEAN PACE – QUILLWORK, lecture/demonstration with beginning quillwork workshop to follow. Thursday 10AM at seminar tent. Hands-on workshop/instructions $25 includes materials, bring scissors & chair

    BRUCE BENEDICT & THE MONTANA HISTORICAL GUN MAKERS GUILD – Historical firearms building presentation, Thursday 1PM at Seminar Fly

    ERIC GRIP – Blacksmithing demonstration – CANCELLED-Due to health issue

    TED LANEY – Primitive bow making demonstrations – CANCELLED-Due to health issue


    Call to arms.  RMNR booshways, Mike and Jackie, have ask  for the War Eagles, veterans, and active duty personnel to be Honor Guard for opening ceremonies July 10th at 8 p.m.  Brian “Magpie” Semich will pipe the Honor Guard to the ceremonies.

    War Eagles, Veterans and active duty personnel are invited to attend the War Eagles meeting on July 14th at 4 p.m.  Location will be announced at a later date.

    To learn about the War Eagles go to: war-eagles-vet.com


    Rifle by Bob Carpenter • Woman’s Crow-Style Wool Dress
    Woman’s Brain-Tanned Dress • Willow-backrest • Beaded Bags
    Plus Many More Items

    Check out the Raffle & Competition Prizes

    If you are interested in donating a raffle item, please contact Jackie Kuhlman, Booshway, rmnr2021@gmail.com

    One FREE ticket per registered Junior


$10 Fee for Competitions includes: Archery, Hawk & Knife, Rifle, Pistol, and Smoothbore. (Participants under age 12 free) Fees go to Cash prizes. Aggregate prizes for some trail walks. NO Cannon shoots this year.

      We especially need volunteers on the ranges and in the shooter's tent.  Please sign up at the shooter's tent.

      SPECIALTY SHOOTS - These will have a separate buy-in with 1st place receiving cash.

      Winners of daily events will be awarded cash prizes at the Shooter’s Tent.
      Divisions – Men, Women, Junior
      Juniors Division, ages 12-17 years old, must be supervised by an adult in Rifle/Pistol/Smoothbore.
      An adult guardian must accompany Pee Wees, 8 – 11 yrs old.
      Shooter's Tent hours MONDAY  –THURS   8 AM to 1 PM,   FRIDAY 9 – noon,  but subject to change. We need a volunteer to run the Shooter's tent.



      Monday – Thursday  9 AM – 1 PM
      Rifle/Pistol  -  Open iron sights only, no peeps, no optics. Patched round ball only.  No in-line guns. There will be dummy targets.  All scores are final. Any cheating will result in losing total score.



      Monday – Thursday   8 AM – 1 PM
      Course includes both hawk and knife for combined score.
      We have a great challenging hawk/knife trail walk planned.
      No double bladed hawks.  Knives must be thrown from handle.



      Monday – Thursday    8 AM – 1 PM
      We will using burlap targets this year, so handmade flat metal points are allowed. 
      Finger tabs and arm guards must not have plastic, rubber, elastic, snaps or Velcro. Painted arrows are encouraged for locating purposes.

      Primitive Division
      Bow must be of natural wood, no laminations, less than 54” long.  No arrow shelf.  Strings should be of linen, hemp, silk, horsehair, rawhide, or sinew (artificial sinew will be allowed for safety reasons).
      Arrows must be hand-made (no dowels, milled or machined shafts), and be of natural wood or cane with hand carved nocks, and natural feathers.  Points can be of wood, bone, flat metal or stone.

      Pilgrim Division
      Bow must be of natural wood with no laminations.  Artificial strings are allowed but no bright colors. Arrows must be wood and may be a factory dowel but no plastic nocks or feathers. Metal field points okay but not modern broad heads.


      There will be a Caber Toss, Stone Put, Spear Throw, and Highland Run.  All welcome to compete.


      Kids' Games and Crafts will be going on all week from Monday through Friday.  Check the Buffalo Bulletin board in camp to see times and location.


      We are planning a variety of family games.  Schedule to be announced.


      Our social director, Margie Musick, has wonderful games planned.  We wish to bring back OLD FART GAMES, and start some new ones, such as Tug-of-War over the pond, canoe races, mini-hawk throw, Ball and Stick–Primitive Mountain Man Golf – Make your own clubs-(No Fire Irons), bring a caddie & beverage cart, and more to be announced.


      2021 CAMP INSTRUCTIONS    


      Remember to police your camp and area for garbage. If you see any candy wrappers, cigarette butts, etc. please pick them up and put in a garbage receptacle.
      Fires must be attended, not banked and left to burn-out. Sleeping in your lodge is not attending a fire. Dog soldiers have authority to enter your camp, wake you, and put your fires out. Do not leave candles or lanterns unattended inside/outside lodge or tent.

      Be prepared for possible fire restrictions and the impact to your cooking needs (propane or butane stoves).

      Dogs MUST be under control at all times and on leases/tethers.  If your dog is a problem, you will be asked to leave.  Please pick up your dog’s waste or carry shovel with you and bury it.  Keep dogs quiet.

      Plastic water containers and coolers are to be covered at all times, even during transport to refill. This also applies to the transporting of ice through camp.  We can all do better on our kits. Let's look in the mirror, go through our kits and try to put our gear closer to what would truly have been in the Rockies or the 1830s.


     We can have fires but they need to be in an above the ground fire box or the fire rings provide on site. If you have a grate to cover the ring, it would be helpful. No fire pits with rock rings dug into the ground will be allowed. Your fire must be attended or if away from camp, OUT. No exceptions!!! (no holes in ground) Camp fires must be contained.  Braziers or metal rings are suggeste.  Bucket of water and shovel must be next to all camp fires. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Please stack your unused firewood.

    PLEASE contact local Health Department for permits. DO NOT serve on paper/styrofoam plates, cups or bowls. No plastic utensils, pre-wrapped, bottled or canned food or drinks. Customers should bring their own plates, cups and utensils to your eatery if you do not supply them.  Food vendors must supply trash receptacles. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ARE REQUIRED.


    The Booshway or the appointed Trade Chief and Committee have final authority over all disputes involving trade goods. The burden of proof is on the trader. Trade Committee decisions are final.

    May your trade goods reflect the Spirit of Rendezvous

    If you have any questions about what is pre-1840, Speak up and ask!!



Last updated: August 25, 2021
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